Back in the Saddle

It's been a long time since I last blogged and I have been busy. I started a new business, Sugar: Cookies, Cakes & More. I had a baby boy (that brings us up to 4 boys now!). We renovated part of our house.  I have been doing a little scrapbooking, but I'm determined to not get (too far) behind on the baby's book, and to catch up on our family books. So, I will be sharing my pages on here from time to time. Here we go - to start, some baby pages!

Isn't he cute? I'm doing Jared's baby book by months, except for important events, or photos I think need their own page. I am including the write-ups I do about him every month from our family blog. I think I'll stick to the same basic layout elements for each month, to give some continuity to the book.